Choosing The Best Tiles For Your Home

Sweet home is a saying that fills us with the feeling of safety, comfort, and security. Owning a house is a dream of every individual and to chase this dream a man works hard and make enough money.

Once the home is bought the biggest task is to make the home a small paradise of your own. The first and foremost step towards this is choosing the right tiles to make the interior splendid.

Buying floor and wall tiles are not easy as there are many types of style, design, material, etc. that categorized the tiles with brands, the things become a bit easier.

However, here we have come up with 5 tips that help you buy the perfect tile for your home:

The dimensions of the room:

Every house has many rooms and each room differs in dimension. Keeping this in mind an individual must buy tiles that fit in the room dimensions perfectly. For your living area, bedroom, kitchen, entryway, etc. the larger shape Johnson tiles are the best as they add sophistication and sensation to space. However, the large tiles will make the same adverse effects when installed in bathrooms, laundry, etc.

Choose the tiles which offer a range of sizes:

You must choose a tile that is available in many shapes and sizes. This helps you in streamlining the appearance of the floor and eliminates any patch work. When you wish to install the same colored tile in your bathroom and the adjacent room you must ensure that you have smaller tiles for the bathroom and larger for the room. Though you can any time cut the tiles to the desired size but this deteriorate the original look of the tiles.

Choose the perfect color and finish:

Ensure that you choose the right color for your interiors. If you own a home that has lower lightning you must choose lighter color Johnson tiles. However, with homes that have sufficient natural lighting a darker toned tile can be chosen. You should also take care of the finish you opt, there are many finishes including glossy, matte, rustic, etc.

Choose the perfect design:

Nowadays the market has many tiles with splendid designs. You must choose the design suiting the room type. A beautiful dining table and fruit printed Johnson tile complements your dining room or kitchen, while a mesmerizing fish and water printed tile is the best for your bathroom.

Use the border tiles:

Border tiles offer your walls and flooring a redefined appearance. However, you must ensure to use them perfectly. A lot of border tiles can destroy the whole look.

Keep these things in mind when you plan to install the tiles at your home. The tiles can make your home aesthetically appealing and at the same time can destroy it if not installed with proper care.

So next time you buy tiles adhere to these tips and make a beautiful haven for you and your family.

Can I use wall tiles on the floor?

Had it ever happened to you? You spent weeks trying to find that perfect tile for your bathroom floor to match your wall tiles. You shopped all venues in the city and browsed through dozens online stores. Finally, you chose amazing tiles that are one hundred percent what you want it to be.

So you’ve just got the gorgeous decoration delivered to your place, only to discover an inscription that reads “Wall tiles”. Wall? But, surely, you were shopping for the floor tiles.

Unfortunately, it happens every now and then. People shop for the floor tiles but, overwhelmed by the variety of choice, often end up buying the wall tiles. So the question is: can you use wall tiles on the floor?

The quick answer is NO. You should never use wall tiles on the floor.