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Coated Glass Tile grey Crystal Mosaic Backsplash Kitchen and Bathroom Wall Tiles

This tile was designed based on glass chips which have both finish: silver coated glass and clear crystal glass. When coating the glass chips, it makes the finish looks..

US $18.99 US $22.89 17% off

Iridescent White Glass Tile Wave Pattern Silver Stainless Steel Glossy Crystal Mosaic Backsplash

The tile has a name of rainbow, because it has iridescent finish, you will see different colors from different angles, it may looks like blue, green, purple, pink or..

US $17.99 US $27.13 34% off

Plated Gass Subway Tile Brown Interlocking Mosaic Tiles for Fireplace Wall Border Crystal Glass Mosaics ks180

Collection: Glass Mosaic Tiles; Material: Glass; Shape: Square and Strip; Color: Brown and Tans; Sheet Size: 308mmx295mm; Chip Size: 15mmx15mm, 15mmx48mmm 15mmx98mm;..

US $19.89 US $26.60 25% off

Metal Backsplash Tiles Silver Stainless Steel & Glass Mosaic Crystal Diamond Tile Wall Decor GSD903

Collection: Metal Glass Mosaic Tiles; Material: Glass, Stainless Steel; Color: Silver; Shape: Strip and Square; Size: 315mmx298mm; Chip Size: 15mmx15mm, 15*48mm,..

US $18.78 US $23.19 19% off

Glossy Stainless Steel Mosaic Tile Interlocking Arched Metal Tiles Kitchen Counter Wall Decor SMA102

Collection: Metallic Mosaic Tiles; Material: Metal, Aluminum; Color: Silver Black; Shape: Irregular; Size: 305mmx305mm; Chip Size: 50mm; Thickness: 12mmMetallic mosaics..

US $21.45 US $26.81 20% off

Vitreous Mosaic Tile Diamond Crystal Glass Backsplash Kitchen Design Art Bathroom Wall Tiles

Collection: Glass Mosaic Tiles; Material: Glass; Color: Grey and Gold; Shape: Square; Sheet Size: 300mmx300mm; Chip Size: 15mmx15mm, 48mmx48mm; Thickness: 8mmGlass..

US $24.80

Glass Mosaic Tile Murals Crystal Backsplash Wall Tiles Puzzle Mosaic Collages Cream Glass Bathroom 2128B

Chip Size: 15 x 15mm; Sheet Size: 326 x 326mm; Material: Glass; Color: White and Silver; Shape: SquareCollection: Puzzle Mosaic TilesMaterial: GlassColor: White and..

US $19.71 US $23.19 15% off

silver mirror glass tile crystal tile square wall backsplashes tiles bathroom shower tile washroom wall KLGT4017

Collection: Glass Mosaic Tiles; Material: Glass; Shape: Square; Color: Silver; Chip Size: 23x23mm; Thickness: 6mmGlass mosaic tiles which can be see through so it gets..

US $20.99

crystal glass tiles plated silver glass tile kitchen wall backsplash strip mosaic tile

Glass mosaic tiles which can be see through so it gets the name as "crystal", but with the color paints on the back of the mosaic tiles makes thousands of colors are..

US $19.69 US $28.13 30% off

Iridescent Subway Tile 1" x 2" Mosaic Bathroom Wall Backsplash White Glass Brick Silver Wave Pattern

This tile is made of crystal glass and it has subway pattern. The thickness is 8 mm and the chip size is 1'' x 2'' (23 x 48 mm). On the back of our product, it is mesh..

US $20.61

Glass and Stone Mix Mosaic Tile Green Sandy Conch Shell Tiles Random Brick Silver Crystal Backsplash

This stone and glass tile designed with crystal clear glass chips, artificial stone and resin chips which have inner conch shell. the resin chips are mostly like..

US $18.99 US $24.73 23% off

black crystal glass tile kitchen backsplash glossy glass mosaic tile bathroom wall backsplashes KLZA13

Collection: Glass Mosaic Tiles; Material: Glass; Shape: Square; Color: Black and Silver; Chip Size: 15x15mm; Thickness: 6mmGlass mosaic tiles which can be see through so..

US $18.99 US $21.99 14% off

Silver Porcelain and Glass Mosaic Tiles Designs Plated Ceramic Wall Kitchen Backsplash SPB480609

Collection: Porcelain Mosaic Tiles; Material: Porcelain; Shape: Square; Color: Silver and Brown; Size: 300x 300 x 8mm; Chip Size: 48x48mmMosaic Tiles specializes in..

US $21.99

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