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Glossy Stainless Steel Mosaic Tile Interlocking Arched Metal Tiles Kitchen Counter Wall Decor SMA102

Collection: Metallic Mosaic Tiles; Material: Metal, Aluminum; Color: Silver Black; Shape: Irregular; Size: 305mmx305mm; Chip Size: 50mm; Thickness: 12mmMetallic mosaics..

US $21.45 US $26.81 20% off

Glossy Glass Mirror Tile Kitchen Backsplash Random Wave Patterns Gold Mosaic Bathroom Tiles MGT135

Collection: Mirror Glass Mosaic Tiles; Material: Glass; Color: Gold; Shape: Rectangle; Sheet Size: 300mmx300mm; Chip Size: 15mmx48mm; Thickness: 8mmThis mosaic is mesh..

US $16.99 US $20.54 17% off

Silver Stainless Steel Wall Tiles Clear Crystal Diamond Glass Mosaic Tile Kitchen Backsplash SGD1628

Collection: Metal Glass Mosaic Tiles; Material: Glass, Stainless Steel; Color: Silver and Tan; Shape: Strip; Size: 300mmx315mm; Chip Size: 15mmx48mm, 15mmx15mm,..

US $18.99

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