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Iridescent White Glass Tile Wave Pattern Silver Stainless Steel Glossy Crystal Mosaic Backsplash

The tile has a name of rainbow, because it has iridescent finish, you will see different colors from different angles, it may looks like blue, green, purple, pink or..

US $16.37 US $27.13 40% off

Blue Glass Mosaic Clear Crystal Gray Marble Backsplash Random Wave Pattern Kitchen Wall Tiles

Collection: Stone Glass Mosaic Tiles; Material: Glass and Stone ; Color: Grey and Blue; Shape: Strip; Sheet Size: 315mmx303mm; Chip Size: 15mmx15mm,15mmx48mm, 15mmx98mm;..

US $20.79

Glossy Glass Mirror Tile Kitchen Backsplash Random Wave Patterns Gold Mosaic Bathroom Tiles MGT135

Collection: Mirror Glass Mosaic Tiles; Material: Glass; Color: Gold; Shape: Rectangle; Sheet Size: 300mmx300mm; Chip Size: 15mmx48mm; Thickness: 8mmThis mosaic is mesh..

US $16.99 US $20.54 17% off

White Mother of Pearl Mosaic Tile with Base Subway Pattern Shell Tiles Kitchen Wall Backsplash

Collection: Mother of Pearl Tile ; Material: Shell ; Color Family: Natural White ; Shape: Subway ; Sheet Size: 12 x 12 In.(305x305mm) ; Chip Size: 3/5 x 1-1/6..

US $26.99 US $29.99 10% off

Crystal Glass Diamond Mosaic Resin Conch Tile Rose Gold Wave Backsplash Brown and Beige Tiles

This tile is called glass conch tiles which are made of crystal glass chips with conch. The tile thickness is 8 mm and chip size is 15 mm / 48 mm / 98 mm. The resin..

US $21.69

White Mother of Pearl Floor Tile Mosaic Kitchen Wall Tiles Ideas Seamless Subway Tile Backsplash

The glossy white mosaic tile in the form of small bricks delivers fireside warmth to modern-day environment, capturing the brick masonry esthetic. Although this uniform..

US $24.99

White Mother of Pearl Tiles Backsplash Uniform Bricks Subway Shell Kitchen Wall Tile Mosaics MSS308

Collection: Mother of Pearl Tile; Material: Shell; Color: Natural White; Shape: Square; Size: 300x300mm; Chip Size: 15x30mm; Thickness: 2mmMother of pearl tile, also..

US $21.59 US $26.99 20% off

Mother of Pearl Subway Tile White Seashell Mosaic Bathroom Wall Backsplash Kitchen Design Ideas

Collection: Light Weight Mother of Pearl Tile; Material: Shell; Color Family: Natural White; Shape: Subway ; Sheet Size: 11.7x11.6 In. (298x296mm); Chip Size: 3/5x1-1/6..

US $18.99 US $21.10 10% off

Iridescent Subway Tile 1" x 2" Mosaic Bathroom Wall Backsplash White Glass Brick Silver Wave Pattern

This tile is made of crystal glass and it has subway pattern. The thickness is 8 mm and the chip size is 1'' x 2'' (23 x 48 mm). On the back of our product, it is mesh..

US $20.61

Mother of Pearl Tile Subway Natural Shell Tiles Kitchen Backsplash Seamless Mosaic Floor Sticker

Collection: Light Weight Mother of Pearl Tile; Material: Shell ; Shape: Subway; Sheet Size: 12 x 12 In. (305x305mm); Chip Size: 3/5 x 1-1/6 In.(15x30mm); Thickness:..

US $20.99

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