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shell tiles 100% pink seashell mosaic mother of pearl tiles kitchen backsplash tile design BK015

Collection: Mother of Pearl Tile; Material: Shell; Color: Pink; Shape: Square; Size: 300x300mm; Chip Size: 20x20mm; Thickness: 2mmMother of pearl tile, also called shell..

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Shell mosaic tiles are 100% natural products that coming from the natural shell, no industrial waste or energy were used in manufacturing the beautiful shell mosaic tile, thus qualifying as green products.

Mother of pearl tiles were created by tile artisans who inlay the jewelry boxes. The natural iridescent finish and glittering marks on shells are deeply loved by customers. The fresh shell tiles are made of fresh river shell which are mostly in white color with yellow pink marks. And the see shell tiles are made of natural sea shell which are mostly in black, green, yellow, brown and white. The mother of pearl tiles are basically in 2 mm and 8 mm thick. For 8 mm tiles, it is 2 mm shell chips glued on 6 mm base which is made of magnesia or ceramic.

Made of natural pearl shell, our mesh mounted mother of pearl tiles can be used in almost all the places you may imagine. It can be used on the wall, floor, kitchen backsplash, bathroom, table top, sauna place and so on. You can even use them on the radial column, cabinet as well as furniture. Mother of pearl tiles, also called pearl tile, shell tile, pearl mosaic, some even called it jewelry pearl tile, are absolutely natural and green building materials which is ideal surface solution for creation of luxury but long lasting look of your architectural space. While the mother of pearl tiles are in the high price point, Hominter add this new pearl tile line to our biggest mosaic tile selection makes it affordable to the mosaic tile professionals and the public.

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