Iridescent White Glass Tile Wave Pattern Silver Stainless Steel Glossy Crystal Mosaic Backsplash

The tile has a name of rainbow, because it has iridescent finish, you will see different colors from different angles, it may looks like blue, green, purple, pink or..

US $17.99 US $27.13 34% off

Blue Glass Mosaic Clear Crystal Gray Marble Backsplash Random Wave Pattern Kitchen Wall Tiles

Collection: Stone Glass Mosaic Tiles; Material: Glass and Stone ; Color: Grey and Blue; Shape: Strip; Sheet Size: 315mmx303mm; Chip Size: 15mmx15mm,15mmx48mm, 15mmx98mm;..

US $20.79

Iridescent Mosaic Tile Plated Crystal Glass Backsplash Kitchen Designs Bathroom Wall Tiles IPG1391

Collection: Glass Mosaic Tiles; Material: Glass; Color: Silver and Multi; Shape: Square; Sheet Size: 300mmx300mm; Chip Size: 23mmx23mm, 48mmx48mm; Thickness: 6mmGlass..

US $18.69 US $21.99 15% off

Gold Porcelain Tiles Bathroom Wall Backsplash Glaze Ceramic Small Tile Squares Mosaic Designs GPM062

Collection: Porcelain Mosaic Tiles; Material: Porcelain; Color: Gold; Shape: Square; Sheet Size: 302mmx302mm; Chip Size: 1x1 In. (25x25mm); Thickness: 4mmMosaic Tiles..

US $25.28

Porcelain Mosaic White and Blue Tile Snowflake Patterns Designs Kitchen Backsplash Wall Tiles PWB110

Collection: Porcelain Mosaic Tiles; Material: Porcelain; Shape: Square; Color: Blue and White; Size: 300 x 300 x 6 mm; Chip Size: 25 x 25 mmMosaic Tiles specializes in..

US $18.97 US $19.97 5% off

Crystal Glass Diamond Mosaic Resin Conch Tile Rose Gold Wave Backsplash Brown and Beige Tiles

This tile is called glass conch tiles which are made of crystal glass chips with conch. The tile thickness is 8 mm and chip size is 15 mm / 48 mm / 98 mm. The resin..

US $21.69

White Mother of Pearl Floor Tile Mosaic Kitchen Wall Tiles Ideas Seamless Subway Tile Backsplash

The glossy white mosaic tile in the form of small bricks delivers fireside warmth to modern-day environment, capturing the brick masonry esthetic. Although this uniform..

US $24.99

Black & White Ceramic Mosaic Bathroom Floor Tiles Uniform Porcelain Window Patterns Designs BWC9003

Collection: Porcelain Glass Mosaic Tiles; Material: Porcelain, Glass; Color: Black and White; Shape: Square; Sheet Size: 300mmx300mm; Chip Size: 48mmx48mm; Thickness:..

US $19.96 US $26.61 25% off

Diamond Crystal Tile Backsplash Silver Stainless Steel Metal Tiles Clear Glass Mosaic Patterns DGS32

Collection: Metal Glass Mosaic Tiles; Material: Glass, Stainless Steel; Color: Grey and Silver; Shape: Strip; Size: 300mmx300mm; Chip Size: 15mmx15mm, 15*48mm, 15*98mm;..

US $20.99

Mother of Pearl Mosaic Shell Tile 3/5" x 3/5" Small Square Backsplash Border Tiles For Bathrooms

Mother of pearl tile was created by tile artisans who inlay the jewelry boxes, the natural iridescent finish and glittering marks on shells are deeply loved by..

US $17.54

Matte White Waterjet Tiles Backsplash Lantern Porcelain Mosaic Bath Shower Wall & Floor Tile HCHT006

Collection: Porcelain Mosaic Tiles; Material: Porcelain ; Shape: lantern; Color: White; Size: 276x 250 x 6mm; Chip Size: 70x72mmMosaic Tiles specializes in quality..

US $19.99

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