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Coated Glass Tile grey Crystal Mosaic Backsplash Kitchen and Bathroom Wall Tiles

This tile was designed based on glass chips which have both finish: silver coated glass and clear crystal glass. When coating the glass chips, it makes the finish looks..

US $18.99 US $22.89 17% off

Navy Blue Glass Tile Backsplash Grey Marble Mosaic Wave Patterns 1" x 2" Subway Brick Wall Tiles

This stone glass mosaic tile have sea blue glass mosaic chips and natural marble mosaics. The glass chips went through high temperature kiln during production, so the..

US $17.99 US $25.49 29% off

Grey Stone with White Crystal Mosaic Tile Sheet Marble Backsplash of  Wall Stickers Bedroom Kitchen

Collection: Stone Glass Mosaic Tiles; Material: Glass and Stone ; Color: Grey ; Shape: Square; Sheet Size: 300mmx300mm; Chip Size: 23mmx23mm,48mmx48mm; Thickness:..

US $23.21

Mosaic Murals White and Silver Glass Plated Wall Decoration 3/5" Small Tile Squares Collages MTM058

Collection: Pattern Mosaic Tiles; Material: Glass; Shape: Square; Color: Silver; Sheet Size: 300mmx300mm; Chip Size: 15mmx15mm; Thickness: 4mmGlass mosaic tiles which..

US $16.36 US $27.11 40% off

Porcelain Tile Mosaic Grey Square Ocean patternTiles Kitchen Backsplash Kitchen Wall Stickers

Collection: Porcelain Mosaic Tiles; Material: Porcelain; Color: Gery; Shape: Square; Sheet Size: 300mmx300mm; Chip Size: 25mmx25mm; Thickness: 6mmMosaic Tiles..

US $24.65

shell tiles 100% grey seashell mosaic mother of pearl tiles kitchen backsplash tile design BK012

Collection: Mother of Pearl Tile; Material: Shell; Color: Grey; Shape: Square; Size: 305x305mm; Chip Size: 25x25mm; Thickness: 2mmMother of pearl tile, also called shell..

US $19.69

Brown Glass and Stainless Steel Mosaic Wall Tile Backsplash Silver Metal Diamond Crystal Tiles

Collection: Metal Glass Mosaic Tiles; Material: Glass, Stainless Steel; Color: Silver and Brown; Shape: Strip; Size: 300mmx315mm; Chip Size: 15mmx48mm, 15mmx15mm,..

US $26.99

Metallic Mosaic Tile Grey Square Brushed Aluminum Panel Metal Wall Decoration Dining Room Mirror

Collection: Metallic Mosaic Tiles; Material: Metal, Aluminum; Color: Grey; Shape: Square; Size: 305mmx305mm; Chip Size: 1x1 In. (25x25mm);; Thickness: 3mmMetallic..

US $19.79

Grey Stone Blue Diamond Crystal Tile Backsplash Glass Mosaic Tile Murals Wall

Mosaic tiles are perfect use as a bathroom or kitchen backsplash providing a classic look. Shop the full collection of mosaic blends at sheet of this..

US $22.77

Cheap Porcelain Floor Tiles Arabesque Art Ceramic Mosaic Bathroom Wall Backsplash Grey GLTCA01

Wavy strokes, sleek curves and exceptional instances of this unique shapes blue waterjet tile catch the eye right away those often these often soft tones, created for..

US $24.65

Stone Mosaic Tile Square Grey Marble Floor Tiles Metal and Stone Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash Brushed Aluminum Tile 9481

Collection: Stone Mosaic Tiles; Material: Stone; Color: Grey; Shape: Square; Size: 300mmx300mm; Chip size: 48x48mm, 23mmx23mm; Thickness: 8mmCollection: Stone Mosaic..

US $22.99

Grey Waterjet Tiles Backsplash Lantern Porcelain Mosaic Fireplace Bathroom Wall Tile Design HCHT001

Collection: Porcelain Mosaic Tiles; Material: Porcelain ; Shape: lantern; Color: Grey; Size: 276x 250 x 6mm; Chip Size: 70x72mmMosaic Tiles specializes in quality..

US $19.99

Glass Mosaic Tiles Blacksplash Crystal Backsplash Tile Bathroom Wall Tiles Designs S161

Collection: Glass Mosaic Tiles; Material: Glass; Shape: Square; Color: Grey; Chip Size: 14mmx14mm; Thickness: 8mmGlass mosaic tiles which can be see through so it gets..

US $23.99

Porcelain Square Grey Mosaic Tiles Design Snowflake Style Kitchen Backsplash Wall Tiles ADT39

Collection: Porcelain Mosaic Tiles; Material: Porcelain; Shape: Square; Color: Grey; Size: 300 x 300 x 6 mm; Chip Size: 25 x 25 mmMosaic Tiles specializes in quality..

US $18.97

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